She. Follow up

Dear lovely people. I still can’t fully comprehend what has happened the past few days. I honestly tried to write that story so many times over the last few years but every time I started I would tremble, start crying and would stop at the second sentence. I have no idea where the strength and the courage came from.

I would like to lay down some facts about that story. She is me. It was very much easier for me to write that story in 3rd person. Don’t say I was living in denial. If you have gone through whatever trauma you must resonate and know how hard it is to put the pain into I or me.

As of me sharing my story out there means I have accepted what happened to me. Yes I could go back and save that little me if I could. But I have chosen to fully accept the pain and hurt I have gone through and that way I can decide to take steps to cope and eventually heal.

On that note, many people sent me messages asking if I was the one who went through the animosity and I couldn’t help but think, does it really matter who went through it? If I was writing a story about someone else it wouldn’t make it better. Fact remains it happened and I‘m afraid these inhuman acts still happen.

Your responsibility and mine towards this would be to try and do the little or best we can to stop the rape culture. And in doing so, not forgetting or ignoring the victims cry to be heard. You don’t have to do much, Listening, hugging and encouragement to let go the pain does magic. Not tolerating victim shaming, because that is the monster eating up so many victims.

My mind went blank from receiving so many messages from other girls who went through the same or similar experiences. I was astounded by the fact that many kept it a secret till now. Mostly because of the shame. Some were blackmailed and threatened and so they have lived in fear and still continue to do so.

I pray for healing for any person who has ever been sexually harassed and abused and I also hope and pray that they find someone or anyone to talk to. That is the hardest part. Talking about it.

In the next days I will be sharing some insights I have on how we can help protect our vulnerable girls.

I’m not ignoring the fact that this injustices also happen to boys too. I talk more about girls because I resonate more with them.

Ps: To all those who called me or reached out in any way, you top up to the reason why I’m still sane.

To those whose calls I didn’t pick, I was too overwhelmed to find a hello and have a conversation. We will talk soon.

Thank you for the love



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