Help and Walk Away.

I thought to start off with a few simple questions.

How do you feel when you help someone?

Do you love to hear a thank you?

Do you forget and walk away after you helped someone?

Do you dwell there and expect them to pay you back?

You might have someone who came through for you at one point when you hit rock bottom. Might be a relative. (Usually is). You might find these characters will sometimes or always try to make you feel small years later. It can be they helped you directly or through someone.

Some of these characters will make you feel like they want you to bow down for them anytime. Or narrate to others in their presence how God sent them to you. A simple oral thank you is not enough for them. They probably want you to slaughter a goat and invite the whole village to show how grateful you are that they helped you.

When you meet these characters, you will always feel like you owe them (they find a way to make you feel so). Not a good feeling. You feel like you have to adjust to be how they want to see you at that moment and this is toxic.

There are definitely certain characters I’ve witnessed both directly and indirectly, who after a fall out will count to you everything they have ever done for you. Isn’t that total BS? Hilarious too. But also sad. And they will let people around them know what they did for you. Paint a very ugly picture of you for their friends to see and try to poison your mutual friends minds to dislike you.

They can’t talk about the nice things you also did for them because they are so consumed in their anger. And excuse me, aren’t friendships or relationships supposed to be two way and not one sided? So you also did something for them to land that title, “friends”.

If you have gone through this there is only much you can do. Move forward and accept that people come into your life to teach you one thing or another.

Some of them will even keep reminding you how they helped you and you get to a point where you don’t even know how to keep up with that relationship.

If it is family you are doomed to meet up here and there and maybe another family member will whisper to you about the help you got and wasn’t grateful about. Sucks!

This is one reason many families are too scandalous and fall apart. Like petty stuff. Why won’t you want to see your brother or sister or nephew or niece or friend prospering? Sort out the issues between you and help each other to achieve your dreams.

I mean, can’t people just uplift others without expectations? Can’t you help another person because you are in a position to help and just turn around and leave it to God. You know, “tenda wema nenda zako” (Do good and walk away)

There are two simple things I personally love. Thank you and Sorry. Where it is due. And for me it is enough when it is said. I don’t really need a physical or materialistic thank you gift. I consciously try not to expect too much from anyone I help because I feel the universe finds ways to thank me.

The good we do to and for other people comes back to us knowingly or unknowingly. You just need to reflect on your life and you will see your deeds were paid in different forms.

Also know that not everyone is meant to be your friend for life. Some people cross your life once or twice just to help you at that certain point and they go. And vice versa. Don’t dwell in trying to save all your relationships with the hundreds of people you have met. At times you just need to let go.

If you keep expecting things from people around you, you will waste too much time and energy and end up spoiling beautiful relationships with your friends or relatives. Invest that energy in wanting to do good and actually doing it. Leave the rest to the universe or to God.

Adjust your expectations of other people and you will realize no one will really disappoint you.

Be happy


  • Mary

    I love your posts because you talk about real issues affecting us in our everyday life. Personally I love doing good to others without expecting anything in return except a thankyou maybe. However, it is very rare to find people who will help you without attaching it to some expectations in future. And they will seize every chance they get to remind you or tell other people about it. They will mention it to your wife/husband and kids..! What a world? This makes some of us evade asking for help even when we need it because we do not want to add to our “debt”. The world would be a better place if we all helped each other where we can without belittling or expecting some kind of pay in the future.
    Thanks Grace for this piece.

    • Ciru

      Mary, Wow I looooove this response. You have given me some important insight on this matter. It’s very crucial when people expect too much of others and it gets hard to ask for help when in dire need.

  • Janet

    Thanks alot for this piece, but Truth told, i am done being good 🤗🤗. I have helped People even when i was the one who needed their help, but got not even a simple ” Thank you”. Instead i got the ” mateke ya punda” … Ciru there are alot ungrateful People out there, they can bring out the worst of the nicest People. You kinda just give up on Helping, it feels bad not to help, but of what gain is it to help and feel bad about it?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️…Thanks again for the piece, its like you always read my mind, they always come just at the right moment, umetoa wapi leackage?😉😊

  • Grace k

    Hi cousin,
    So true. I now decided to help where I can and not expect much afterwards. It keeps your inner peace flowing.
    Expectations can really ruin friendships and family. Do good where you can, move on with life. If it comes back well and good and if not God got your back always.

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