Common denominator?You!

You might be asking every so often why certain things happen to you. And it might feel as if the universe conspires against you and leads you to that shit hole you keep finding yourself in.

But do you actually realize that often than not, you are the only person who can keep putting yourself in the same situation you keep finding yourself into?

And instead of always rushing to put the blame on someone else or something else, can you also take a sit and search within yourself and your doings, and I’m convinced you will find what you won’t like. That part you play. The bitter pill to swallow.

I can’t dismiss the fact that sometimes you can actually point out a person that leads you to feel the way you feel or contributes towards something not working out for you the way you had hoped. But see, you are an active contributing factor to that situation. And how much power would you have given them over you, for you to put the blame on them?

We are always too fast not to take responsibility of anything that goes wrong in our lives. We get defensive first and very fast avoiding to accept mistakes we make or might have made. It is always easier for you to have someone else to blame so you don’t have to deal with the repercussions. You don’t want to look bad. No one wants to look bad. So it can’t be you who is wrong. Or can it?

We are all seeking for answers for uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in. And often than not, the “bad and horrible” things that happen to us, are according to us someone else’s doing. Examples: I didn’t prosper in that, because so and so has been doing this and that. I can’t do this because “you”…I failed because “they” or “you” …

Seldom or never is a problem ever reflecting to “I” or “me”

We are busy creating non existent enemies. Busy blaming the devil. Busy asking God why me, like it would be better if another person was going through the same trial and not me? We are busy sharing bible verses shaming enemies we have created in our heads. You could be that enemy too and someone else is doing the same targeting you. So basically imagine how confused the one who handles our prayers is. What a cycle!

Truth is we can’t be extremely sanctimonious and ignore that we play the biggest role in whatever situation we find ourselves in. How about we aim to get to know ourselves better. Yearn to recognize our mistakes as well and be eager to learn from them. Be keen to take responsibility of our situations. Take responsibility for ourselves and we will love who become.

Get off your high horse and know you are the common denominator to most of the situations you keep finding yourself in. Whatever you keep blaming is what you give power to, so be careful not to loose yourself in that, but be open to knowing you could be the problem too. And only then can you try to correct your mistakes or take a different path that would yield different results.

Bad things happen to even the greatest people. People in all corners of the world suffer from one thing or the other. There is so much a government can do to change lives of its people. There is so much a parent can do to influence the life of his/her child. But you can’t dislike yourself so much to not realize that you have so much power to change even one thing.

Don’t fool and bury yourself in sorrow and rest your head at night having come to a conclusion that your enemies are burning incense, reading scripts and planning plots to see you fail. Who is that idle? Who do you walk with? Who are you listening to. Who is misleading you? Really c’mon.

Aren’t you enough or what are you lacking to work to change your situation?

I hope by now you realize that if you keep passing blame to others it is dangerous in the long run. But if you confront your problems from different angles and even see what you did wrong, if you are willingly, you will work on yourself better and you will grow in ways you will be proud of and those who get to know you will be inspired by you.


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