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    Cash in, Cash out.

    I've lost money due to sheer stupidity. Not once, not twice.  I'd like to say I didn’t know any better, but I did. I ignored my instincts. My brain works in mysterious ways sometimes. I often act quicker than I think. Every day, I'm learning to take a moment before replying to a text or committing to something or someone. I'm also learning to think twice and be cautious before sending money to anyone. Believe me, taking a deep breath helps in making better decisions. A simple "let me think about it" response to anyone asking anything of you goes a long way. And research honey, will save you a lot of trouble.

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    Can we put some respect on our money? Yes please!

    Let’s talk about money from a different dimension. ”Confirmative amnesia is a disease whereby the person you send money to doesn’t call you back to confirm whether they received it. They wait for you to call and enquire. Doctors say it’s commonly found in relatives and close family members, mainly in Africa.” Someone posted the above in one of the WhatsApp groups I am in and it caused a lot of motion and laughter from the members. I guess it is because they related to it. I don’t know how to go around this topic without making it personal and without catching feelings. Well, this blog is a personal one…