Dear one…

(2012 in German Institute of Professional Studies. Unaware of what was awaiting me)

Nothing in life comes easy. If you think there is then summon yourself to a meeting and ask yourself a few questions. That easy something you achieve might probably not last long. You’ve heard of easy come easy go.

I believe if you want something, you till and toil till you lay your hands on it. There is an unutterable indescribable satisfaction in harvesting and enjoying the fruits of your labor. A feeling you get, and the peace that comes with it that no one can take from you.

I see people complaining about the situation they are at at the moment and I also do so sometimes. I sometimes want some things to just happen overnight. If they don’t, I either get sad, mad, aggressive and doubt myself.

Trust you me, anything I have ever achieved so easily I can’t tell a worthy story about. Those things that I tarmac and sweat for and achieve, I can tell an authentic and inspiring story about. It might sound depressing to hear that I don’t always achieve what I want no matter how hard I work for them.

If you are religious you will of course say that God had other plans. Or it is not yet your time. You will also say that I haven’t fasted or prayed enough. That I should go back on my knees and cry to God.

Well, it might be so but that is not all. I actually dislike people who put their failures on others and on the devil. How much of a believer are you to actually dwell on how Satan is day and night working against you? Do you even question that it could be something you are doing wrong or something you are not doing that sees you in the same same situation?

You could be your greatest enemy. Most times we opt the easier way out. It is easier to put a blame on others. It gives you some kind of power. It makes you feel right. You feel like others should change and you don’t have to deal with the problem at hand because it’s not your fault. If you just take a step back and evaluate your actions then you might be able to solve half your problems.

Instead of always questioning others start by questioning yourself first. Instead of giving the devil all power over your failures, believe a little bit more in yourself. Instead of waiting on God and tithing your last resources and doing nothing because you think God will just show up, challenge yourself. I hope the same bible you read tells you that God helps those who help themselves. Change your mindset. Choose to explore other perspectives.

I take one example in my life. I start by saying living abroad is not huge achievement. You don’t have to go abroad to make ends meet. No! You can do it right where you are. But for me this is what I wanted. Since I was a small girl I always wished to live abroad. I envied my family abroad and wanted to join them someday. But I ended up all alone in Europe. Without family.

What did I do about it? I didn’t just wish. I worked towards it. I went to a language school after Highschool not having a clear vision of my future. To be honest I din‘t know where I was headed. I wanted to go to the USA, and here I was studying German.

This whole process of learning German in German Institut of Professional Studies had me exploring my options. My future was shaky. I strained and sweat to get my Visa. I went through hell to leave the country and there is no single day that I gave up until I landed in Vienna where I began the hard life. Beginning a new life in Austria was hectic. It was threatened. If you know me you can attest to this. I fought. Stood still. Still here.

So many people want to travel. They even have no Idea to where. So many write to me asking how I can help them go abroad. They don’t even have a passport. In this era where everyone has a smartphone and google is not limited, I feel you should go an extra mile. Ask questions when you have an idea of what you want.

There are people willing to help you when they see you putting the work. There are loved ones who will hold your hand and guide you if they see you initiate. Little brothers and sisters be free to initiate and start conversations with those you look up to. Help them help you.

Don’t sit there and wait for someone to tell you what to do. Don’t let people sway you side by side trying to make you something you are not. I believe you have a passion and that is what you should work with. You have a voice. If people don’t listen to it, be louder till you are heard.

I know life can be hard. It is. The transition from childhood to teenager to adulthood is daunting. And adulthood is where you will be for a long time. Make it count.

Discern wisely the people you look up to. If you feel they are legit. Listen to their advice. But also don’t expect them to be always there. Define wisely what success is to you and work towards that. It could be a big house, it could be helping others, it could be education, it could be helping animals etc. Build a firm foundation for you that will see you standing when a hurricane comes.

Know your future is not in your mothers,fathers, siblings or partners hands. It is in yours. See how much power you already have.

No pressure just real talk.


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