The bits of you.

I want to take the bits of you I love and press them like flowers between the pages of my favorite book.

And I want to take all the scraps that you dislike in yourself and display them on my refrigerator to show you that I‘m still proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming.

But most of all, I want to spin you like a globe and drag my finger across till it stops to discover the pieces of you that you‘ve yet to reveal to anyone else.

I want to wrap them up in linen and place them in an old cigar box, I‘d tuck it away safely in the top drawer of my bedside table, so you know I‘ll never let those pieces of you go.

Because when you share hidden parts of yourself with someone else, you‘re trusting that person to hold the secret sections of your heart and to love the bits you thought were unlovable.

Madisen Kuhn


Today I felt like sharing this sentimental poem with you so our hearts melt together.


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