Maybe I just have to accept that my body is a topic I will always be confronted with until I leave this body.

Maybe I should just accept that even strangers can have an uncalled for opinion on my body.

Maybe some people sleep better after they have uttered hurtful statements towards bodies that aren’t their bodies.

Maybe I have to realize that some people think their body image opinions are the standard and that every body should be like their body.

Maybe there is a perfect body and maybe there is no perfect body. But no-body is perfect.

Maybe I should uphold my body in dignity and not scale it to any particular body goals.

Maybe some people are battling serious health conditions and have absolute no control to how their body looks like.

Maybe some people are not battling with their bodies and they feel absolutely beautiful how they look like.


Curves or no curves, tall or short, able bodied or disabled, thick or slender, fat or thin, whatever tags there are, maybe they don’t matter.

Must you point out another’s persons pimples, acne, height, weight, thoughtlessly as if this person din‘t know their body well and needed you to highlight it? Is it too difficult to be sensitive about other people’s feelings?

Even at the lowest level of humanity, can we stop bullying others for their appearance, because life itself is already a steep, tall, and slippery mountain to climb. Can we stop glorifying a singular, particular body type, size, and skin tone? Is it so hard to see past that?

I think the biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we don’t care what others say or think about us. We do. Even if just a bit. Among all the beautiful things and compliments we receive, we do somehow dwell on that one negative comment and it does one or two on us. We don’t let go easily.

The remarks about us by others have a tendency of affecting our emotions, and sometimes it’s all we can think about when we are alone. Some of us are sensitive to certain remarks. We will withdraw from the world. Because we might feel unwanted, unattractive, unadmired and compared.

Words build or break. You want to be remembered for building someone else’s esteem in a healthy way. Don’t be a reason someone soaks their pillow with tears of hurt.

If only we treated each other with kindness, respect, and embraced the differences in our body sizes, shapes and skin color, maybe we would be a little happier.

If only we defined and described others based on who they are and the magic they bring to the world other than body traits, if only we chose to see beyond the body, allow ourselves to feel the spark beyond it and cared enough to empower each other more, the world would be a better place.

The reality is that we are more than how we look like. Most times what is indispensable is invisible to the eyes. Our capabilities should mean more than the borrowed bodies we live in. When the time comes and I leave this body, there is no line in my eulogy that will describe my body or skin type nor will you read any cellulite in there.

Neither one of us has the right to set a cut on exactly how thin, fat, black, brown, white, short, tall etc one should or shouldn’t be. Whose or which yardstick would we be using anyway?

So hello YOU, you are magic. Your body is a beautiful mysterious biology. Your anatomy, your autonomy. You are gorgeous and beautiful just how you were created. And yes you can do all the healthy stuff to serve the temple that is your body. Only if you want to. Do right by it. You don’t need outside pressure to change your god-given body and everything it comes with. And yes, you can do all the make up to enhance the beauty you already have, let no one bully you out of it if you feel comfortable in it. It is beautiful meets beautiful.

Just remember you are more than what the naked eye can see. And that, that is unseen but felt should be fed too. Feed your soul what you want and need to illuminate. Be it self affirmations, be it fresh air from where you get it best, by the beach or the mountains, be it a great book, be it music, be it cooking, be it sports, be it therapy, be it teaching, whatever, you know best.

Your body Your rules!


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