Mummy in heaven

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Today is that day, 

Just like a worker without pay, 

The emptiness in my soul, 

Feels like the universe plays foul, 

And every cell in my body screams sadness, 

For I miss my mother’s kindness.


Sometimes things happen at random, 

And it becomes so hard to fathom, 

For a moment we lose our identity,

To the depth of loss and growth of curiosity, 

Until in our hearts there is no space for light, 

To guide us we try to find ourselves and fight. 


I remember your youthful and beautiful face, 

So full of life, love, and grace,

Your commitment to everything you loved, 

Your radiant smile as your full cheeks curved, 

You were an epitome of beauty and greatness, 

I have heard so many people bear witness. 


I’m celebrating you today, 

For your teachings and love keeps me going each day, 

I was so lucky and blessed to have been your daughter, 

For you shared a huge part of you with me and now I am a fighter. 

I miss you every single day year after year,

I love you to eternity and I desperately wish you were here. 


My dear mum in heaven, 

You were my safe haven, 

I hope you are proud of who I have become, 

And receive all the love and wishes even when I am mum, 

For you matter just like you did the first day I felt your warmth, 

And you will continue to no matter what comes henceforth. 



A very dear friend wrote for me this piece in memory of my late mum and I was overwhelmed by such thoughtfulness. I didn’t change any word because it is perfect and every word is what I feel. I decided to share it for anyone who might find hope and love in this. And moreso for anyone who has lost a mum. Bless you who validates our loss and pay attention to our feelings.

Thank you dear friend

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