Filling my tank.

Whew! Even I hit a block. Geuss who is back? I am. Can I explain? Well, we make plans, God laughs. Anyway I’ll get to the point now.  I discovered that writing was my safe haven. Writing has literally saved my life. (I wish I can say that out loud) I cannot imagine not being able to write. I am very intentional in what I decide to put out there however unconventional a topic might be. I believe in the wholesome of every article I publish and in every sentence, there is usually a deeper meaning that I hope resonates with someone. I am always overjoyed when I put up an article and it’s received with love. The conversations born out of those articles are just needed.

When I first started to seriously write and share, it was mainly because I felt that that was the best way I communicate. I still do feel like I communicate better via writing as opposed to orally. With time I was convinced that I share bits of my life hoping to keep up with my siblings and friends because of mainly the distance. As a bonus, people I have never met resonate with some topics I touch on. On another note though, I think I was searching for an outlet for deeper issues and traumas I have. And putting my feelings on ink works a great deal for me.

We are all different but similar and when we come together to share parts of our journeys we feel lighter and become less depressed. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have grown and how much healing I have experienced via writing and sharing my stories out there. I do hope you have an outlet for whatever bothers you. Somewhere you feel safe.

However, I feel like am turning into a closeted writer. Look at me calling myself a writer. But guess what, I have been failing in this aspect of my life. Not only in publishing articles but also in journaling.

Too much external energy brought about by the pandemic shifted my whole being. The change in the social-economic set up that happened and having to adjust to it all in such a short time kind of set me back. I lost my balance and I couldn’t figure what exactly I would like to feed you.

I used to journal every single day and now am back at it at least once in a while yayyy. Baby steps. Now I want to get back to producing worthwhile content for those who enjoy reading my content and gain from it. I hear all of you who keep asking me to publish something and even suggest particular topics I should consider touching on.

I hope that you have been kind to yourself by protecting your space and energy. That you have been compassionate to your neighbors, that you have been adhering to the preventive measures in place to help beat this pandemic. I hope you have been checking in with those you might know that may be experiencing financial strains, health issues, friends with sick relatives, pregnant women, new moms, people who have lost loved ones, the elderly, those who tested positive for Covid-19 ( please don’t create a stigma around it) and so on.

Also kindly remember to check on yourself now and then. You fill your tank first so you have somewhere to take from. This is what I have been trying to do. I realize that I can’t offer my best to others without first offering the same to myself. Now that my tank feels balanced I will be dedicating more time to engage you here.

Thank you for your patience and for riding through with me on this blogging journey. I appreciate all the feedback I receive of what this platform has done for you. It means so much to me and it is a platform I would love to introduce my future children to. I will pass on my journals to them too.

Come back real soon for new articles.


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